Split System Clean specialises in decontamination and cleaning of split system air conditioners covering the Perth Metropolitan Area and Beyond

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Split System Clean is a professional split air conditioning cleaner proudly owned and operated in Western Australia. We are not franchised which means you can always speak with the business owner, John Mills. Our technicians fully understand split air conditioning units, as well as know how to clean them thoroughly. Apart from this we will not compromise on the Split System Clean service excellence standards including being professional, courteous, punctual. We leave a clean and tidy workplace and try to go that extra step for the customer. Generally, air conditioning retailers just recommend that the filters need to be cleaned regularly to help optimise the performance of the unit.

Cleaning the filters of your split system air conditioner is just the beginning!

Split System Clean will eliminate accumulated contaminants inside your split air conditioning unit which will prolong its life and save you money through reduced energy consumption.

Health & Well Being Benefits

Unseen accumulated fine airborne particles, mildew and mold spores in your split air conditioner can have a significant impact on your health, especially to those who suffer from asthma, hay fever and other allergies. Based on an article from Science Direct – released by Osaka City Institute of Public Health & Environmental Sciences, it has been reported: ” In offices and factories, air conditioning systems are essential to maintain a comfortable indoor environment but are often contaminated with microbes, which they discharge into the indoor environment with strong air currents, causing fungal contamination of air. A relation between bronchial asthma and fungal contamination by air conditioning systems was reported previously.” The report further states: “Cleaning is the simplest treatment for controlling fungal contamination of AC . . . . . . Fungal Contamination is found not only in the filter, but also in the fan and heat exchanger. In the case of these parts, cleaning is difficult, because only professionals can access them. Their services should be engaged.”

Economic Benefits

Cleaning your split system air conditioner can significantly reduce the amount of your energy usage and therefore reduce your electricity bill. Statistics show that across Australia an average of 40 per cent of energy is used at home for heating and cooling. (www.yourenergysavings.gov.au). By having your unit professionally and regularly cleaned, it will dramatically increase air flow and operational efficiency, therefore, resulting in a significant decrease in running cost and extending life of your split system unit.