Chris M of Bayswater. Recommends Split System Clean: “I am very glad to have engaged Split System Clean to give my air conditioners a clean. I was horrified to see what came out. Nasty black mould. Split System Clean is pleasant and thoroughly professional. Great communication and very happy with the price. I have now booked in for a yearly visit to ensure it doesn’t get so bad inside the appliance. Happy to recommend and if you have not had your aircons done before, this is a necessity.”

Jason M – Carramar. Split System Clean was very professional, our split system seems brand new again. I will definately be having is cleaned regularly. I never thought of ever getting it cleaned until a friend recommended Split System Clean. Great work and a friendly service.

Shane G – Swan View. 3rd time we have used Split System Clean’s services. As always he was on time, very professional , courteous and pleasant. Faultless service. Highly recommended.

Barbara Wright –  Lesmurdie.  Split System Clean cleaned all of the air-conditioners at Kanyana Wildlife over the course of three days and did a wonderful job. In a wildlife rehabilitation centre you can expect a difference from domestic situations and he coped with all of the quirky tasks our occupation threw at him. We have booked Split System Clean for a follow up visit for the worst air-conditioners and a further follow up visit for all of them. We have 23 units in total. Thank you .

Kate M Welshpool“RC are extremely happy with the service you provided. Thank you for visiting RC office and servicing the air conditioning units on 19 March 2019. Fresh air finally!

Susan Lang recommends Split System Clean: “I’ve never known that this could be done. omg it’s never been cleaned like that since i bought that system many years ago. My reasons for doing this was because i have finally given up cigarettes after 30+ years. i couldn’t believe what came out of the air con. it was really disgusting and I was very embarrassed. I honestly was. Split System Clean did a wonderful job and the tea tree oil is fantastic and I highly recommend you get some. He even cleaned the outside unit. I would like to thankyou for the excellent work that you did. I highly recommend this company to anyone needing to do the same as me. Thankyou , kind regards Suzy Lang”

Denise Welsh recommends Split System Clean: “Highly recommend. A lovely man, very professional and explained everything and answered all my curious questions 😊 made my 10yr old + Fujitsu look brand new. The mould that came out of it was shocking! It was bad!!!!! WA independent business, environmental tick, professional and friendly. Thank you. See you next year 😊”

Nick D – Perth CBD. “I had Split System Clean come out to my apartment yesterday for my yearly A/C clean. Not only did he arrive exactly when he said he would, but the service was second to none and the end result was beyond perfect . . . . sooooo much dirt in our air conditioners. If anyone is looking at getting their A/C units cleaned before the hot months approach, I would highly recommend you get in touch with Split System Clean”

Shane G – Swan View Arrived on time and the work carried out was second to none. The work done was completed in a very professional manner and I am extremely happy. What was cleaned from my unit was the stuff of nightmares. My system is now running much better. You are a top bloke and I have no problem recommending your excellent service. Thank You.

Shane Connor M – Midland “I hadn’t used my A/C in over 6 months due to mould and dust. Split System Clean arrived early and had the system working like new in no time at all. It is literally like a brand new unit now. I can’t recommend Split System Clean enough, he was friendly, professional and for the level of service and quality the price was fantastic. Don’t waste your time on cheaper franchises, use a trusted local business it’s worth the money.”

GP on Beaufort – we are a busy medical practice and pride ourselves on maintaining a clean environment for patients and staff. We were regularly having our air-conditioning units cleaned by another contractor but were not satisfied.  I found Split System Clean on the internet and telephoned.  I was very impressed with his professionalism and that he was willing to accommodate my request for the job to be done outside of business hours on a Sunday. Team were friendly and took great pride and care in their work.  The amount of dirt and contamination they removed from our units was unbelievable.  They looked like they had never been cleaned!  From now on we will be using Split System Clean.

Frankie A – Sorrento – your manner and professionalism was impeccable and the way you cleaned up and returned furniture after was an eye to detail.

Raymond F – North Perth – I just wanted to thank you and Sofea for being so professional and thorough in your split system clean on our 15 year old Fujitsu unit. You arrived right on time as you said you would. The meticulous way you not only cleaned the machine but cleaned up after yourself is to be commended. I never understood how important it was to do this process until I saw the filth that came out. Great job for a very reasonable price. Thank you, wish there was more tradespeople like you.

Mr and Mrs B-P Craigie He was polite and well presented.  I met him just as he was finishing up,  again he introduced himself and explained what he found.  I’m sure he has let you know but it sounded like it had not been cleaned since it was installed. He found blue installers tape still on it.  This tape should have been removed by the installer!  Straight away we noticed a big difference in the operation of the unit.  We are running it 2 to 3 degrees warmer and it is cooler!  It shows the pressure it was under. He runs a professional business and was a good find by Primus Realty.

Georgia – Primus Realty  I spoke to the tenant and he is fine for you to use his comments as a testimonial and obviously we also endorse it 110% as well.  Thanks so much.

Matthew W – Atwell  They were both well presented, punctual and friendly.  A complication came up with our old system in the head unit, and while I personally would have been cussing about the inconvenience it caused, the team was very professional and simply dealt with it and got the job done.   When we turned our aircon on again the hugely improved air flow almost pushed over a vase of flowers on the table, that’s how much better the system runs now that it’s clean again,  I was impressed and I’d recommend his business any day of the week.

Craig and Kerry – Glen Forrest –  On behalf of Kerry and I, thank you for the work done on cleaning our three split air systems. We were extremely satisfied with the result, the air even smells better! We were impressed with your professionalism, the courtesy you afforded us by calling ahead to say you would be a little late (only 15 minutes) and the efficiency with which you carried out the work.We have already recommended your services to friends and family and will be sure to use your services again in the future.

Glen Renton, Independent Assay Laboratories, Wangara – We used Split System Clean to clean our air conditioners. Most of the air conditioners were in our premises when we moved in and after seeing what came out of them when they were being cleaned, I am very glad we got the team in. They were very thorough, cleaning and re-cleaning until they were clean. Not just doing the job once and leaving it at that. They worked around sensitive equipment and there wasn’t a sign they had been afterwards except the clean air conditioners and the fresh smell that now comes out of them. We will be getting them back regularly to maintain them and have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Julie de Laeter’ Kentan Engineering, Maddington –  I thought that the only maintenance needed on split system air conditioners was having the filter cleaned regularly. A neighbor had her air conditioner cleaned by Split System Clean and was shocked to see what came out of the air conditioner.  As a result of this I had the 10 split system air conditioners at Kentan Engineering cleaned and decontaminated. I was surprised to see the contamination in what we thought were ‘clean’ air conditioners, as having cleaned the filters regularly. We are now on a program to have our systems cleaned and decontaminated every 12 months, and our staff are working in a clean environment.

Lee Saunders, Computer Consultant Professionals,    www.ccp.com.au    – Thank again for the great work, I tried to clean the aircon myself. The best I can do is just the screens but he does much more. He completely dis-assembled the aircon and got all the dust off the bits that I couldn’t. Really appreciate the thoroughness of his work. Please book me in again for 6 months from now!

Viktor M, Warwick – “Thanks for a job well done”

Melissa S, Maylands – “I will definitely recommend Split System Clean to my friends (in fact, I already have!).  I dealt with the owner, who was punctual, professional and polite.  I am thrilled with how well my tow split systems now operate.”

Kristy Bekkers of Bekkers Inglewood – “We spent years searching for someone to thoroughly clean all our air con units thoroughly.  We were constantly disappointed that only filters were washed, yet the prices charged were very high.  I was delighted to find Split System Clean as they did exactly what they said they would, at a really affordable price!  The units were thoroughly cleaned and sanitized and are since working much more efficiently, we cannot believe the difference.  Our staff are also happier that the quality of air has improved.  The team at Split System even cleaned up after themselves and we barely noticed they were there.  We look forward to our regular cleans.”

Helen N of Mount Hawthorn – “You were very professional and a pleasure to have in my home.  I appreciate the extra attention to detail and being so thorough when cleaning my air conditioners.  As I have small children I am relieved that the air quality in my home is now safe again.  I will definitely be recommending your service to my friends.”

Brandon Lee – Front Office Manager – Melbourne Hotel – “We are very pleased by the recent cleaning of our unit provided by Split System Clean. Not only were our air conditioning units cleaned, the service was done very professionally and were flexible. We definitely recommend your service to anyone who requires units to be cleaned.”

Chris M of Meadow Springs “Our air cons are working beautifully since you guys sorted them out yesterday. Your staff were very punctual, professional and to the point”

Daniel L of Kardinya – “Split System Clean provides a professional service with great value. He even changed the batteries in the remote! We have also noticed that the split system runs quieter in the family room after the service. Thanks for a wonderful job”.

Ann and Peter Drazic of Morangup – “Thanks very much for doing our split system clean. We were very satisfied with all aspects of your service including your punctuality, professionalism and great service. Thanks again”.

Claire H of Nollamara – I engaged Split System Clean to clean two split systems I have in my home, one of which I knew was really dirty. I found Split System Clean to be quick to respond to my initial enquiry and he arrived promptly and was really personable. The team was technically knowledgeable, very professional and happy to answer any questions I had about the service. He was really careful in my home, making sure he protected all flooring and property before he started work and leaving the area clean too. He conducted a thorough job and even got my dirty unit clean and running better than before! After the service the airflow on both my units increased and I feel much better knowing I am not breathing in any hidden nasties. I will definitely use Split System Clean to keep my units running hygienically. I have no hesitation in recommending Split System Clean to friends, family and others.

Simon T of Bassendean – We engaged Split System Clean to clean our 3 split system units at home. He was on time and carried out the work in a very thorough and professional manner, including making sure the areas he worked in were kept very clean. The units themselves were cleaned thoroughly and now perform better, which was demonstrated through a diagnostic test before and after the cleaning process. I’d definitely recommend Split System Clean.

Kate P of Coode Street South Perth – Split System Clean cleaned our 3 split system units (both internal and external) after I had noticed a problem with mould growth in our air conditioners. He was always on time (a rare trait these days!) and he meticulous with servicing the units. Our home was left spotlessly clean – I couldn’t believe there was no mess relating to the cleaning at all!! His friendly nature and fantastic customer service was the icing on the top. He was really helpful in answering questions I had and was very knowledgeable. My home now feels clean and safe(imperative as we have a baby arriving in a few short months). I feel so much better about the air we are breathing inside our home. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Split System Clean to anyone considering their services. You won’t be disappointed.

Stimulatte Café 361 Hay Street Subiaco – You have done a fantastic job and I’ll be recommending you to all of my family and friends. Regards Joel

IEQSA LogoJoan G Tuart Hill – thank you for doing such a good job. Douglas was very impressed.

Paul from Mosman Park – “thanks for a great job on our 3 split systems. The team arrived at the time promised, ringing me 15 minutes ahead of time to confirm arrival time. The job was carried out in a clean and professional manner with no unexpected extra costs. See you next year”.

Matthew R – Butler – “Thanks, our three split systems had their first clean since installation 7 years ago. The difference in the air inside is amazing. Top notch job, very professional and prompt. Thank you once again!”

Sandra D  – Heathridge – “Wonderful Service. A must for all A/C owners benefiting their health and pockets in the long run. Thorough and professional. Thanks.”

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