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Cleaning the filters of your split system air conditioner alone is not enough to remove unsighted residual dust, fungal contamination deposited inside the components of the split system unit. Professional cleaning is essential!

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 Understanding Your Split System Air Conditioning Unit

Air Flow Area Components

  • Filter
  • Coil
  • Fan chamber
  • Louvers
  • Barrel Fan (blower fan)
  • Condensate drip pan
  • Drain pipe

To access to the internal airflow area of the unit is difficult and can be a hassle. It can possibly damage the unit’s electronic circuit if not handled carefully. Our experienced technicians know how to do the job to ensure that all internal components are washed and cleaned thoroughly with great cares.

How we clean it?

Step1: Area preparation

  • Cover the area with plastic sheets to make sure the cleaning area is well protected from splashing.
  • Place the wash bag under the unit to catch the solution residue and water during cleaning.
  • Isolate the power to the unit or protect the electrical circuitry of the air conditioner with a plastic sheet where required.

Step 2: Disassemble

  • Remove the casing, the front cover of the air conditioning unit and remove the filters. Set aside and clean them and the cover separately outside.

Step 3: Pre-cleaning

  • Remove the excess dust and debris on the surface of the coil and fins to prevent loose contaminants clogging during cleaning.

Step 4: Cleaning

  • Apply the specially produced cleaning solution over the coil, fins barrel fan and fan casing and leave the solution to dissolve and dislodge bio slime inside components for a few minutes.
  • Clean and flush the drip tray to remove any dirt and other contaminants that could become a nutrition source for the mould and fungi.
  • Clean and flush the drainpipe to avoid the blockage caused by accumulated contamination.
  • Rinse the whole unit thoroughly with a pressure spray to remove the contaminates and leave the coils and fins clean and free from any debris.Anemometer 1

Step 5: Restoration

  • Reassemble the unit and test the performance.

Step 6:  Clean up.

Split System Clean vs. Mechanical Service & Maintenance

Unlike the mechanical service and maintenance organisations, Split System Clean places great emphasis on cleaning and decontamination of your split system air conditioning unit including the prevention of possible blockages in the coil and drain pipe that can lead to mechanical problems. On extremely hot summer days, some air conditioners may stop working due to high heat pressure. This can be caused by a build-up of dirt and debris on the filters, coils, fins and barrel fan reducing air. Regular split system cleaning means you can save unnecessary call-out service fees and unnecessary repair cost.

Split System Clean vs. DIY

Why do-it-yourself when you only spend a few dollars more and let our split system cleaning professional do the job for you.

  •  Using inappropriate substances to clean your split system unit can corrode the coil and therefore shorten the life of your unit. The residual left inside the unit after cleaning can cause further damage to your unit and allow rapid build-up of mould and fungi in the future.
  • It is difficult to reach the internal components of the unit where the real problems occur (the area around the outlet of the airflow, the gap between the cooling fins, the drip tray and behind the barrel fan and blades), where mould, fungi and bacteria flourish.
  • The electrical circuit board may be damaged if you don’t do the job properly.
  • Some air conditioners have a hydrophilic coating on the coils and fins to help reduce the level of build-up of debris including mould and fungi. Using an inappropriate cleaning solution can severely damage this coating. Split System Clean only uses a laboratory tested and approved solution that is specifically produced for split air conditioners.

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